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relationships;; [24 October 2010 @ 1:43pm]

// friends //
best friends - [above all others]
close friends - [sharing secrets and dreams]
friends - [laughing together]
on good terms - [our silver lining]
friends by association - [a smile passing by]

emerging friends - [tentative bonds]
former friends - [gone astray]
longtime friends - [for so long]

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BABY LINK YOU CUTIE [02 October 2010 @ 8:44pm]

there are no words for the cuteness. kyah so cute *A*
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How's my driving? [06 September 2010 @ 1:03am]

Anon allowed and IP address logging/tracking off.

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app in the making [22 August 2010 @ 5:03pm]
Your Name: Dust
Your Email and/or IM Nicks:
Other Criminals Played: Zelman Clock, Asuka Langley Soryu, Himawari Kunogi, Rei Hino, re-apping Reiichirou Shiba

Character Name: Howard Link
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Timeline: Chapter 202
Crimes: insubordination, stalking (multiple counts), spying, conspiracy, violence, attempted robbery (? Known as Tim-in-Link's-body), assault, murder

Personality: The pinnacle of propriety, as well as loyalty, Howard Link is the type of a man who has all of his priorities set straight. He is very much defined by the late 19th century and a Victorian man with a strict sense of morals that the Pope himself would approve of. His loyalty to the Vatican is second to none. He may disapprove of some of the frolicking, irresponsible members of the Black Order (ie Cross, Komui, etc, etc), but at the same time he acknowledges their authority over him. It is hardly his place to lecture after all. He's the one who just fills out the reports and sends them to Central.

For a man with an unwavering sense of morals, Link is surprisingly close minded when it comes to the Order. He obeys all orders without question and believes that whatever Leverrier and the Vatican orders is the, undoubtedly, right way to go in this war. Murder, assassination, spying, conspiracy - these are all crimes that Link has probably dipped his hands in (as an ex-CROW member), all for the sake of the Black Order. If you shove him against a wall and loudly demand what he thinks is right, Link would respond with the stoic indifference of 'I obey the Vatican, and the Vatican is always right.'

Link isn't perfect though. His duties following one 'Allen Walker' has led him on a topsy turvy path straight into the gray area. Walker, the supposedly malicious, heretical, and potentially dangerous enemy of the Order is just a normal boy with a huge burden. Lenalee Lee, an Exorcist who is notorious for refusing to acknowledge the Order's authority when she was young and even now, is merely a scared girl whose only link to sanity and happiness is her brother and her fellow comrades. Even the piece of the Akuma Egg that Link retrieved despite Komui's orders turned out to have made his former CROW comrades into abominations of the highest degree. It's a dangerous path that Link's walking. He's stubbornly clinging to his devotion, partly because that's always what he does, and partly because he's not sure what he'll have left if he loses the one thing that's been with him, his faith. (AND NOW IT'S JUST WORSE WITH CHAPTER 202)

Abilities: Howard Link is a former member of Crow which is an organization that takes young children and trains them to be massively overpowered soldiers of the Vatican that can use magic. But not Innocence sadly. He can use a number of magic spells that involve explosive talismans, binding talismans, and barrier talismans. Link also demonstrates skill with his switchblade as well as an inordinate amount of strength, speed, and endurance. He is a highly organized person with the never ending patience to deal with paperwork.

Multifandom Test: Hakuren Oak from 07-Ghost. Is it safe to say that Link would probably see a little of himself in this boy? It is? Good. Not only is Hakuren's unwavering loyalty to his own Church parallel to Link's, but also both boys hold similar morals and beliefs. Link would find it a relief to find someone who functions on the same wavelength as himself, especially after being in the company of those blasphemous Exorcists for so long 8|. Hakuren would admire Link on the same level because he's an adult figure that doesn't have a secret porn collection. Unfortunately, Link and Hakuren would eventually butt heads over that issue of 'friendship'. Hakuren has Teito and would risk everything he has ever gained from the Church for his friend. Link would probably dimiss Hakuren's passion as foolishness that, no doubt, comes from his young age.

Third person sample:

Day 78 of the Third Generation at Marina Asylum (to which the location relative to Earth has yet to be defined).

This is the first day of my capture here at this...prison. Unfortunately, according to Walker, it has been quite a number of days since he has last seen me.

Walker's Capture: Day 35 of the Third Generation. That means Walker has been unattended for 43 days. I find the discrepancy to be highly disturbing. Central will hardly accept a report that--

Taking his pen, Link crossed out the last few sentences.

Kanda Yuu arrived on the same day as Walker.
Lenalee Lee arrived on Day 36.
Komui Lee arrived on Day 37.
It appears that Bookman Junior first arrived at Marina before Walker. Day -- (Though the date appears to be unnecessary). However he left and returned with no memories of the prison on Day 54.

As the escort assigned to Walker, I will do my best to record and document all information concerning him that has happened in Marina. Perha-

"Oyyyy, Allen!"

His pen jerked violently, splattering black ink all over the, what was, white page. Link resisted to urge to swear loudly as he tried his best to mope up the spill before it could get on the bedsheets. This is highly inconvenient, thought the man that had just hours earlier insisted on staying in Allen's room instead of relocating to a room with a desk. Looking back on that foolish decision, Link wondered if it was too late to reconsider. He had badly misjudged the expected disturbance from both Walker and Bookman Junior. He had thought that he could handle both of the Exorcists by steadily ignoring them while writing his reports, but after the tenth or so fight, conversation, argument, case of childish behavior, he was ready to walk out that door.

Link gathered up his papers, batting away Timcanpy who seemed determined to chew his pen down to the stub. Like golem, like master I suppose.

"Where are you going Link?"

"Outside, Walker." He slammed the door behind him, narrowly missing Timcanpy. There had to be somewhere in Marina where he could write up his reports without disturbance.

Then why was it, even after hours of walking and searching, that he couldn't find a place? This was getting ridiculous. Not even the Black order, for all of its scientists and finders, was this devoid of quiet places. He wondered if he'd ever get used to this place and its...dragons, vampires, people who claim that they're from the Old Testament, painfully young children, Noah, angels --

He supposed that the only positive thing about this whole situation was Walker (though a brief part of Link was irritated at Allen, why not get captured by a normal AI at a normal prison back in our world and not make things so difficult). Walker's presence gave Link a sense of purpose, something to keep his mind off of the reality of their current situation. All he had to do was observe Walker for his duration here and wait for the day when Acumen would realize that it was hindering the Vatican's holy war by keeping the Exorcists in its prison.

First person sample:

While I highly doubt the authority of this 'Acumen' is higher than that of the Vatican's and thus deserves an appropriate discipline, I'm willing to excuse this kidnapping as a mere mistake on the warden's part. [ Light cough. Now that's cleared up-]

Excuse me. I would like to inquire the whereabouts of one Allen Walker, Kanda Yuu, Madarao, Tokusa, and Tevak. Further assistance, however appreciated, is unnecessary.

Thank you.
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